Interactive®+ Patented Keys

The Interactive®+ system combines an enhanced variation of the long-famous Interactive® telescopic pin tumbler mechanism with a spring-loaded, unique pin in the cylinder plug to produce a ‘virtual combination’ that may only be achieved when the Interactive®+ Patented Keys is inserted in the lock.


  • Excellent Mul-T-Lock Key Control – Unique Key Order Card Required for Key Duplication
  • Dual Locking Mechanisms Employed
  • Millions of Possible Combinations
  • Double Sided Keys Allow Insertion of the Key in Either Direction or Allow for Each Side to Operate Different Locks
  • Strong Durable Horizontal Keys Offer Extreme Resistance to Breakage


  • High Security Platform
  • Multiple Locking Elements Including the Patented Interactive Disc
  • Pick, Drill and Bump Resistant
  • Key Order Cards for Enhanced Key Control


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