CLIQ® Smart Keys

CLIQ® electromechanical products are only operable by sophisticated Smart Keys which incorporate CLIQ electronics into a mechanical key. These dual protection credentials employ both data encryption and physical high security measures to keep you secure.


  • Combined Electronic and Mechanical High Security
  • Available in Multiple Mul-T-Lock Key System Platforms
  • Wire-Free, Low-Cost, Easy Installation in Minutes
  • Sole Power Source Contained in Key Head (Standard Watch Battery)
  • Non-Volatile Memory
  • Time/Date Stamped Audit Record for Up to 10000 Operations (Attempted & Successful)
  • Web-Based Software Allows Programming & Audit Trail View from anywhere:
    • Authorization Updates
    • Time Schedules
    • Deactivation of Keys
    • Audit Trail
  • Wall Mounted and Mobile Pds for Easy Key Authorization Updating
  • E-Mail Notifications of Programming Updates for Users and Administrators


  • Smart Keys Work Mechanical Cylinders as Well, So Upgrades can Be Gradual & Selective
  • Admin can View Audit Trail and Make Key Changes from anywhere
  • Users Receive Email Notifications to Update Keys and Admin When Updates are Made
  • Wall & Mobile PDs Act as a Refreshing Device So Keys can Expire Frequently
  • Audit Trail Enhances Accountability