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Lock Bumping Can Be Avoided By Upgrading Your Home Locks To a High Security Mul-T-Lock
Lock bumping is a method used by burglars to quickly and quietly open a lock by using a specially crafted key, known as a bump key. To prevent lock bumping and enhance the security of your home or business, consider the following measures:
  1. Upgrade Your Locks:Invest in high-security locks: Look for locks that are designed to resist bumping, such as bump-resistant or bump-proof locks. These locks typically have special features and mechanisms that make it difficult for bump keys to work.
  2. Install Deadbolt Locks:Use deadbolt locks: Deadbolts are harder to bump compared to spring-loaded latch locks. Install deadbolt locks on exterior doors, as they provide an additional layer of security.
  3. Reinforce Strike Plates:Reinforce strike plates: Strengthen the door frame and strike plate with longer screws and metal plates to make it more difficult to kick in the door. This reinforces the door against forced entry methods, including bumping.
  4. Security Pins:Consider security pins: Some lock manufacturers offer locks with security pins, such as spool or serrated pins, which can make lock bumping more challenging.
  5. Restricted Key Systems:Use restricted key systems: These systems control the distribution of keys and prevent unauthorized duplication. Only authorized individuals can have keys made, reducing the risk of someone obtaining a bump key.
  6. Keyless Entry:Explore keyless entry systems: Electronic locks, keypad locks, and smart locks offer convenience and security. They are not susceptible to lock bumping since they don’t use traditional keys.
  7. Window Security:Reinforce windows near doors: Windows can provide access to the inside of your home. Consider adding security film or laminated glass to windows to make them more resistant to break-ins.
  8. Security System:Install a security system: A security system with sensors, alarms, and surveillance cameras can deter burglars and alert you to any potential break-ins.
  9. Motion-Activated Lighting:Use motion-activated lighting: Outdoor motion-activated lights can startle and deter potential burglars when they approach your property.
  10. Secure Sliding Doors:Secure sliding doors: If you have sliding glass doors, use a bar or rod in the track to prevent them from being easily forced open.
  11. Neighborhood Watch:
  12. Join or establish a neighborhood watch program: A strong sense of community can help deter criminals and provide added security.
  13. Locksmith Advice:Consult a professional locksmith: such as Jam Allsafe & Security Locksmith. A locksmith can assess your home’s security and recommend appropriate measures to prevent lock bumping and other security threats.
Remember that no security measure is foolproof, but a combination of these precautions can significantly reduce the risk of lock bumping and improve the overall security of your property. Regularly maintain and inspect your locks and security measures to ensure they remain effective over time.
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