CLIQ® Programming Devices

CLIQ® gives you several options for programming your CLIQ® system. Ideal for smaller environments, the CLIQ® Local Programming Device connects your CLIQ® keys and cylinders to the system's management software for initial programming and any updates. The CLIQ® Remote Mobile Programming Device allows you to program on-the-go using your cell phone or computer to connect to your management software. And, embedded with its own IP address, the CLIQ® Remote Wall Programming Device is stationary and automatically connects to your CLIQ® management software from the location you decide is most convenient. CLIQ® gives you all the options, you just need to select the best one to meet your needs.


  • Standard Pd – Connects to Pc and Allows Administrator to Change Key Authorizations Only When Admin Authorized Control Key is Inserted. Administrator can Also Update User Keys In-Hand on This Device
  • Wall Mounted Pd – Installed Locally At the Application and Uses Internet (Powered Thru Poe) Connection to Receive Updates. Users can Update Key Authorizations by Inserting Keys.
  • Mobile Pd – Carried by Key Holders, Connects to Pc or Mobile Phone Thru Usb or Bluetooth Using Internet Sign on to Update Key Authorizations by Inserting Keys.
  • E-Mail Notifications of Programming Updates for Users and Administrators


  • Multiple Key Programming Options Lends Flexibility and Convenience for Users & Administrators
  • Enables Administrators to Set an Optional Expiration on Keys (Requires Users to Insert Keys Into Pd’S to Refresh Authorizations and Automatically Records Audit Trail in the Process)
  • Mobile PDs Allow Administrators to Grant Access to Those on the Go as Needed and Within an y Schedule


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